Friday, September 25, 2009

Progress - Corte Y Fuera

I have been working on a very time consuming piece the past couple of weeks. The most basic explanation I can think of is that it will be a wooden mountain (or group of mountains rather). It will be 21 feet long by 19 wide, varying in heights, with its highest point (mountain) being 7 feet tall. The highest peak is divided by a fake wall, which creates a small passage between the space's walls. The whole structure will be made out of salvaged wood, mostly palettes, which are cut to specific sizes and angles, but left untreated. On the mountains would lay small cubes that imitate the formation, organization and spatial designs that can be seen in Latin American slums, but I try to make the objects extremely simplified, so interpretation of what the cubes are can be very open ended. I still have not decided on the material that these cubes will be made out of, but I am experimenting with different things, mostly clay as of now.

It's very hard to explain it, but I hope the images help. All I know is that I see it in my brain, and I cannot stop dreaming about walking through this installation. I am truly exited and want to finish this piece by the end of this semester.