Saturday, September 19, 2009

From Here To Nowhere @ Old College

Installment pictures taken by Grant

This past weekend of September 12th I displayed a sculpture in the green areas surrounding the Old College area. Here are some of the images of the installation of the piece, and of the piece it self.

The sculpture, From Here to Nowhere, is a collection of 10 pedestrian signs that vary in height. White arrows surrounded by a white frame intend to create a personal image of the nonexistent object or place that one searches for.

Two different ideas are entwined with this piece: life goals and bilingualism. As one interacts with the piece, following the signs or just thinking about what they may direct to, one searches after something that is not there, that way commenting on the things we miss on our day to day lives while trying to reach what we may imagine to be a bigger, most important, life goals. On the other hand there is the idea that I cannot control what the public reads from the piece, which is always a factor when displaying work.

English is not my first language. Sometimes, actually almost always, I don´t know if what I said was really what I intended, or if what I heard was what was said. This is why I chose to make the piece so vague, to reference the strange case of having to translate everything on my brain to a different language.

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