Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miniature Monumental - Process

These are two other pieces I have been working on the side while I do my big mountain project. They both will, hopefully, be part of a show in Townsend University in Baltimore, Maryland, called ¨Miniature Monumental¨. It’s a little nerve wrecking, because there are so many things happening, and this being my first opportunity for an out of DE show, and will maybe even go over seas, but luckily they are tiny, even though I want to work on more of their details. I’m thinking of making two more too.
The waxed hare, tooth and cardboard house I have decided are a self-portrait. The other one will be called either Crucifixion or Cadaver Exquisito (Exquisite Corpse in Spanish), accompanied by a second title, Three Dimentional Homage to Francis Bacon, or A Dedication to Francis Bacon.
I will give better, clearer explanations when I finish them.

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